American Flag Fashion

American Flag Fashion

10th Jul 2015

Old Glory, Stars and Stripes, Star Spangled Banner - whatever you call the American Flag, it has become a fashion staple from head to toe. American Flag iconography was boosted by the attack on US soil on 9/11. Flag production tripled in the days and weeks immediately following 9/11. Americans began buying flags hours after the attacks. Suddenly cars were sporting flag magnets if not actually flying flags from antennas or truck beds. Kids were covering their notebooks with flag stickers, flags flew from many homes and patriotism became cool. 

The trend started in 2001 has never been stronger. You now see American flag hats, shirts, shorts, pants and even socks! Though Section 8 of The Flag Code prohibits the use of flags as clothing or costumes, the code is generally ignored and seldom enforced. Enforcement would actually be an infringement of the First Amendment to the US Constitution, the Freedom of Speech.

Our nation just celebrated the 4th of July holiday and we witnessed the desire for American flag apparel first hand. We carry an assortment of flag socks to represent Boston as the birthplace of the American Revolution as well as flag tank tops, shirts, shorts and pajama pants. Some of our customers liked to layer them for maximum impact. There is a sense of humor about flag apparel, too. Nothing is over the top!

People from all over the world love the striking design of the red, white and blue. We greet customers visiting Boston from every continent and many love to bring home an American flag souvenir of their trip - even if it is a pair of socks or boxer shorts!

Some of our favorite flag themed socks come from Red Lion Products and are produced here in the USA. We love American made products especially when it comes to flag merchandise. Don't be afraid to sport some Stars and Stripes with pride!