Sock it to Me Boston is a family business that has made its home at Faneuil Hall Marketplace for over forty years! We opened our first store in 1978. In conjunction to our store we wanted to offer more casual wear at street level so opened our first cart in the FHM Bull Market. We started with shorts and T-shirts on one cart all with our original silk screened designs. We decided to focus on our Bull Market business and began to diversify.

Funny Boxer Shorts with humorous imprints were a big hit in the store so we expanded that idea on our Boxers to Go cart. Over thirty years later they are still a hit! We carry our own line of Dalliance Boxers as well as boxers by Fun Boxers and Lazy One.

Our original concept cart with Boston shirts and shorts is now a major source of Boston sweatpants, sweatshirts, T's and shorts. Our colors and styles rotate with the seasons so there's always something new.

Sleepwear by Lazy One and Relevant Products round out our offerings of comfy, casual, fun-loving clothing!

We work with a great staff in Boston, like to keep it fun and are always updating our products so we have the latest styles and best quality for our customers. Stop by when you're in Boston!