Holiday Preparations in Boston are Underway!

Holiday Preparations in Boston are Underway!

30th Oct 2015

What happened to summer? Did that go fast or is it just me? The holidays are rushing our way and we will be ready! 

It's been a beautiful fall in New England and we welcomed visitors from all over the world. The foliage was brilliant and didn't disappoint. The weather was mild so people enjoyed strolling our city, hanging out in the outdoor lounge or shopping at the outdoor carts at Faneuil Hall. Thanks to all who stopped by!

It's definitely been sweatshirt weather and we had plenty on hand. It's also getting to be that time of year when we get home and just want to jump into our sweatpants and land on the couch for the evening. Preferably for a Patriots game! They've come on strong and we're pumped for another great season of football.

Halloween is this weekend and the kids got an early start over at the Pru. We vendors hand out candy so the kids in the city have a safe place for trick or treating. They really get into it and it is a fun event for us, too.

We all know that once Halloween is over the Holidays are basically upon us. We'll be ready with new items to make your shopping easy online or at the stores. Pajamas, Boxers and Socks make great gifts and you'll be able to knock a couple of people off your list in one visit. Stay tuned for gift guides and suggestions to make your shopping a breeze. And have a Happy Halloween!